What Nucleus Isn't

Nucleus is a big beast. It contains most of the utilities that you could want so you can concentrate on making your server unique! That being said, Nucleus doesn’t have everything in it. In particular:

  • Nucleus is not a permissions management plugin, and does not do permission checks.
  • Nucleus does not have an economy service built in, it does not provide accounts for your players, nor any currency.

You will most likely need a permissions plugin, and will probably want an economy plugin.

As a convenience, we suggest some plugins that you could use that, to the best of our knowledge, works with the latest stable Sponge versions. Bear in mind that we do not recommend any plugin, and we are not liable for your use of them. There may be other plugins available.

If you want to suggest a plugin for inclusion here, or want to report that a plugin is broken or no longer maintained, you can add an issue or make a pull request on this page.

Suggested Permission Plugins


Suggested Economy Plugins

Total Economy

Economy Lite