Module: Command Logger - Module ID: command-logger


The Command Logger module simply allow you to log all commands that are run to be printed out to the console. They are subsequently logged to the log files.


Since 0.4, configuration has been available to filter the commands that are logged. The configuration options are available in main.conf, under command-logger. The options are:

  • log-command-source - allows control of whether players, command blocks, the console and other sources are logged.
  • command-filter - the commands to log (if whitelist is set to true) or not log (if whitelist is set to false).
    • Note that only one alias for a command is required, so by listing bc, as this is an alias for broadcast, this command will be affected regardless of whether /bc or /broadcast is run.

The following are incompatibilities that may occur with this module, along with how to resolve the problem. For the full mod/plugin incompatibility list, see the compatibility page.

No plugin incompatibilities have been reported.

There are no commands for this module.

There are no permissions to set for this module.
The following configuration is the default for this module:
# A comma separated list of commands in the blacklist or whitelist (see whitelist option). Only one alias per command is required.
# If any option is true, log commands from the source.
log-command-source {
# If true, will log commands to files at /logs/nucleus/commands
# If true, the "command-filter" containing the list of commands to be logged is a whitelist (command must be specfied to be logged), not a blacklist.