Documentation Centre

There are extensive topics on how to use and configure Nucleus to each server’s liking. You might find that reading the Nucleus FAQs is a good first step!

Installation and Configuration

We also have an article on the Permissions Wildcard (And Why You Shouldn’t Use It)


Module Reference

  • Admin - Administrative commands, such as /broadcast, /exp and /sudo
  • AFK - Management of players that go idle
  • Back - Provides /back, allowing users to return to a previous spot after warping or death
  • Ban - Ban management functions
  • Chat - Management of the server chat
  • Chat Logger - Logging of server chat to a separate file
  • Core - Core Nucleus functions, such as migration and permission setup
  • Command Logger - Logs commands in the console
  • Command Spy - Allows online players to see commands run by other players
  • Connection - Allows for servers to allow for reserved slots and configurable whitelist messages
  • Connection Messages - Alters the messages when players login or out
  • Death Messages - Controls whether death messages are sent
  • Environment - Manages the world environment
  • Fly - Manages allowing players to fly
  • Freeze Subject - Adds ability to freeze players to a particular spot
  • Fun - “Fun” commands
  • Home - Manages personal warps for users
  • Ignore - Allows users to ignore others in chat
  • Info - Provides for an MOTD and other server info pages
  • Inventory - Provides the ability to look into a player’s inventories
  • Invulnerability - Provides the ability make someone invulnerable
  • Item - Item manipulation related commands
  • Jail - Player jails for minor punishments
  • Jump - Short range teleportation
  • Kick - Kicking players from the server
  • Kit - Management of sets of items that players can redeem
  • Mail - Allows players to send messages to an inbox, useful for messages for offline players
  • Message - Private messages and “social spy”
  • Miscellaneous - Odd functions that don’t (yet) fit in another module
  • Mob - Mobs and mob spawners
  • Mute - Player and server mutes, preventing players from chatting on the server
  • Name Ban - Allows servers to ban names, rather than accounts, from a server
  • Nickname - Allows players to have a different display name than their Minecraft IGN
  • Note - Allows notes to be added to players for easy reference on the server
  • Player Info - Display info about players on the server
  • Powertool - Personal binding of commands to items
  • Protection - Very basic protection
  • RTP - Random location teleportation
  • Rules - Set and display rules
  • Server List - Allows for more control of the server’s entry in a player’s server list
  • Server Shop - Adds basic shop functionality
  • Sign - Allows for coloured text on signs
  • Spawn - Set spawn and first spawn spots
  • Staff Chat - A chat channel for staff members
  • Teleport - Teleportation of players to other players and arbitrary spots
  • Vanish - Makes players vanish from view
  • Warning - Allows warnings to be applied to players, optionally executing a command when a threshold is reached
  • Warp - Server defined warps
  • World - Manages worlds and their borders on the server