Module: Rules - Module ID: rules


The rules module allows players to view the rules by running the command /rules. Rules are added to the rules.txt file, and accepts all the normal tokens that Nucleus provides.

Rules can be read by typing /rules.

The following are incompatibilities that may occur with this module, along with how to resolve the problem. For the full mod/plugin incompatibility list, see the compatibility page.

No plugin incompatibilities have been reported.

Module: rules
Read the server rules.

Aliases: rules

Root command aliases: /nrules

Usage: /rules

Default Role: USER

Basic Command Permission: nucleus.rules.base


  • nucleus.rules.base - Default Role: USER
    Allows the user to run the command /rules

This command is an equivalent to the following command(s) in Essentials: /rules

Permission Suggested Role Description
nucleus.rules.base USER Allows the user to run the command /rules
The following configuration is the default for this module:
# The rules page title.
rules-title="&6Server Rules"